As a member of the Disability Independence Coalition, we come together around this shared set of values and practices. These principles are our agreement as a movement, and it is everyone's job to hold each member to these standards. 

  1. One account per person.
  2. Be civil. No personal attacks.
  3. Respect everyone's time. No spam.
  4. We build power.

    We build people power by shining a light on the moral crises that polarizes the public around disability rights issues, and forces them to take a stand. 

  5. We grow together.

    We help each other grow into the best people and leaders we can be.

  6. We are here to win.

    We stay grounded in our purpose - to create equity for people with disabilities by dismantling the systems that keep disabled people in poverty.

  7. We share our stories.

    We value that everyone has a story, and a reason to fight. We strengthen our movement by understanding each others stake.

  8. We keep each other safe.

    We protect ourselves, each other, and our communities. There is power in numbers, and we are stronger when everyone feels safe.