We are a mobilized community of disability activists that demands political solutions to inequity in the US healthcare system. 

We are here to educate politicians and constituents on the federal income limits used to keep disabled people reliant on federal programming.

In order for people with disabilities to receive federal and state funding and services, they must have a monthly income less than $1,310. The US federal poverty level is $1,610 per month. We demand that politicians start listening to people with disabilities, and start correcting the systems that have kept disabled people in poverty. 




We are building a movement of disabled people and their allies to transform our political system so it serves the people it has left behind. Capping income wages in order to keep disabled people in poverty will be a thing of the past. Disabled people deserve a chance to earn money and live comfortable lifestyles - while still being guaranteed access to quality health care and ample social services.

In a capitalistic fueled nation, independence is directly related to wealth. We must put an end to income limits for people receiving Supplemental Security Income if we want disabled people to live independent and meaningful lives. We must socialize health care if we value people with disabilities. 

People are waking up to the fact that people with disabilities' hardships are the result of a rigged system. We must advocate and activate our immense power in order to make politicians listen, and create a movement. 

We believe Universal Healthcare initiatives that guarantee mental health care and home-and-community-based services and supports without wait lists, asset or income restrictions, are a human right for everyone in America. 

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    Become a Volunteer

    You're here because you believe people with disabilities deserve the right to be financially independent and still receive quality, federally funded health care. 

    We're here to help you make change. Four great ways to volunteer:

    1. Host an Event
    We believe interpersonal relationships are a great way to increase buy-in from constituents. Hosting an event allows small or large groups of people to engage together and build empathy for each other.

    2. Phone/Text Banking
    We are reaching out to targeted groups of supporters and community members, via phone and texting programming, to ensure their support in specific elections and to inform them of exciting events to participate in with Disability Independence Coalition.

    3. Social Media Ambassador
    As our world turns digital, we acknowledge that the quickest and most effective way to reach large numbers of people is through targeted social media. Spread the word to your large social media following if you are passionate about disability advocacy!

    4. Attend a Protest
    There is safety in numbers, and we need you. #CrowdSizeMatters  Let's show our local and national politicians that we will not back down by participating in direct action that urges candidates to vote for Universal Healthcare and no income limits for people with disabilities.